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  • Pole pockets 12 pieces - HO scale Poling pockets as 3D-print resin parts,
    12 pieces per set.

    Pole pocket trees are printed with a state-of-the-art 3D-printing technology,
    material: hardened plastic (FUD – Frosted Ultra Detail).

    Price per set 3,00 Euro/4.00 US-Dollar.

    Shipping in bubble-wrapped air mail letter, to the risk of the customer if no insurance is chosen.

    Shipping cost – also multiple shipping:
    - Germany – 2,00 Euro
    - foreign coutries – 3,80 Euro/5.30 US-Dollar.
    - Additional services like insurance, registered letter etc. corresponding to DHL price list.
    Please ask for complete price before purchasing.

    Payment for international sales by PayPal only.


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